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Samsung Launches Global Meal Planning Platform 'Samsung Food' with Innovative Features



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Explore, Plan, and Personalize: Samsung Food Revolutionizes Meal Preparation Globally

Samsung has introduced its revolutionary meal planning and suggestion platform 'Samsung Food' in over 104 countries worldwide. This platform is built upon the foundation of Whisk, a company acquired by Samsung Next in 2019, which promises to reshape the way people approach cooking and meal preparation.

Samsung Food has a diverse collection of more than 160,000 recipes spanning eight languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, German, French, and Italian. This comprehensive recipe library empowers users to explore, experiment, and indulge their culinary curiosities like never before. The user experience mirrors that of Whisk, allowing individuals to unearth recipes, curate shopping lists, devise meal plans, and follow renowned creators.

One of the standout features of Samsung Food is its integration with e-commerce platforms in select regions. This integration streamlines the shopping process by allowing users to add recipe ingredients to their online carts, creating a frictionless pathway from culinary inspiration to tangibly delectable results. Moreover, the platform harmoniously aligns with Samsung's ethos by seamlessly integrating itself into the company's Bespoke range of refrigerators. This strategic move allows users to access the meal-planning app directly from their internet-connected fridge screens, skillfully blending innovation with practicality in the distinctive Samsung fashion.

Samsung envisions a future in which the boundaries between cooking and technology blur seamlessly. The company's plans include enhancing the integration of devices from the Bespoke range, such as microwaves and ovens, into the Samsung Food ecosystem. This synergy aims to simplify and elevate the cooking experience, enabling users to set timers, preheat ovens, and adjust cooking settings for Samsung appliances connected through the SmartThings home system directly from the app.

Samsung Food introduces a flavor of personalization through "Food AI." Users can effortlessly tailor recipes to their dietary preferences, whether it's transforming a dish into a vegan or vegetarian masterpiece, achieving nutritional equilibrium by substituting ingredients, or embarking on culinary adventures by fusing diverse cuisines.

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