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About Mett.AI

Welcome to Mett.AI – your premier source for the latest updates in Media, Entertainment, Technology, and Trends. Based in Singapore, we're your gateway to staying informed about the dynamic world of tech innovations, lifestyle trends, and entertainment highlights in Southeast Asia

Who we are

At Mett.AI, we are a dedicated team of tech enthusiasts, lifestyle connoisseurs, and trendsetters. Our mission is to curate and deliver top-tier content that resonates with your thirst for knowledge and curiosity. From groundbreaking tech advancements to the hottest lifestyle trends, we're here to provide insights that shape your world

Why Mett?

In a rapidly evolving landscape, staying updated can be overwhelming. Mett.AI is your trusted companion, delivering timely and insightful stories tailored to Southeast Asia's unique context. We're committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing realms of media, entertainment, technology, and trends

What we offer


Stay connected to the pulse of entertainment with the latest happenings from across Southeast Asia. From movie reviews to celebrity stories, we've got the scoop.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of entertainment news, spanning from cinema to music and beyond


Explore the forefront of innovation with updates on the latest gadgets, software developments, and tech trends shaping our region's future


Whether it's fashion, wellness, travel, or other lifestyle interests, we bring you the trends that define Southeast Asia's cultural landscape.

Contact Us

Whether you have questions, suggestions, or simply want to connect, reach out to us using the provided contact details. We value your input and eagerly await your feedback.


Thank you for choosing Mett.AI as your source for all things Media, Entertainment, Technology, and Trends in Southeast Asia. Let's explore, learn, and pave the way forward together

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