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YANA FRY Launches new edge Youtube channel YANATV: To capture heroes from Singapore, India, and Asia



Mett.Ai Leadership Desk

Yana undertakes a mission to instill the empowerment needed to unveil your finest self.

With a substantial YouTube following under her belt, YANA FRY transcends the role of a virtual mentor, emerging as a powerful catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of many. Revered by her devoted subscribers as a confidant, friend, and illuminating beacon amidst life's uncertainties, she stands as a source of inspiration, motivation, and camaraderie. For those in pursuit of a guiding light and a connection with kindred spirits, a visit to is all that's needed. Her influence extends across India, Singapore, and the entirety of Asia, touching lives and empowering individuals. Brace yourself to be enticed, enlightened, and uplifted, as she undertakes a mission to instill the empowerment needed to unveil your finest self. In a candid tête-à-tête, Mett.AI engaged in a heartfelt conversation with her!

What is the underlying idea that prompted the initiation of a YouTube channel?

I have always had a profound appreciation for meaningful and heartfelt discussions with individuals. On various occasions, as these conversations reached their conclusions, I often found myself wishing I could capture their essence, recognizing their potential to inspire positive changes in everyday existence. This recognition led me to conceive the idea of effecting change in people's lives through the creation of genuine content, culminating in the inception of YanaTV.

What's the reason behind the name "YanaTV"?

Derived from Sanskrit, an ancient Indo-European language, "Yana" (यान) translates to "vehicle" or "journey." It encompasses the concept of a mode of transportation or signifies the course one undertakes in life. Due to the deep impact this name holds in my life's path, I have decided to honor the blessings given to me by my parents by naming it after myself—Yana.

How do you come up with the topics for videos?

Every week, much like any other team working on a TV show screenplay, our team engages in brainstorming sessions. We commonly explore various series and formats, such as:

- 5 Hacks for Leading a Happy, Successful, and Purposeful Life

- Reflecting on 2 Biggest Mistakes and Lessons Learned

- Me vs. Others: Exploring Your Uniqueness

Among these, one particularly intriguing concept that I believe will gain substantial popularity is "The C with Yana." I have a strong intuition that this segment will resonate well in the Asian region.

Our inspiration often stems from movies, festivals, and trending subjects. Each week, we concentrate on a handful of formats and concepts. Subsequently, we dedicate our efforts to developing one or two ideas into fully-fledged videos.

Do you have investors supporting the channel's operations?

At present, I have secured funding from my family and friends to initiate the channel. Additionally, we are in discussions with potential investors, aiming to secure additional funding as we progress. Recognizing the importance of timing, I have decided to launch the channel promptly as the market gains momentum after the pandemic. It is my belief that the present moment is opportune for this endeavor.

When did you anticipate that you would begin receiving payment for your YouTube videos?

After launching the channel, our objective is to generate revenue through AdSense, the advertisements displayed before or during YouTube videos. We are optimistic that this approach will prove fruitful. Our team has highlighted that the cost-per-click in Southeast Asia might be comparatively low, potentially resulting in substantial income due to the high volume of interactions.

What guidance would you offer to brands when delivering presentations to you?

Gaining a clear understanding of the brand's objectives, such as whether they aim to boost awareness or drive downloads, is crucial for us. Equally important is comprehending the existing brand image and culture. This allows us to promptly evaluate the alignment between our brand identities and naturally sparks our curiosity to explore further!

Why do you think the channel will stand out?

Our channel encapsulates the essence of individual success, and there are no age restrictions when it comes to spotlighting these remarkable heroes.

Given the prevalence of offline interactions, do you believe that the heart-to-heart connections forged on your channel will extend to offline relationships?

It is important to recognize that not all online connections seamlessly transition into face-to-face interactions. While some viewers might experience a deep bond with the content and the creator, others could prefer maintaining their interactions solely within the digital sphere. Moreover, individual personalities and levels of comfort with social engagements also contribute to how the online connection translates offline.

To sum up, cultivating a heart-to-heart connection on a YouTube channel can potentially pave the way for real-world relationships, yet its effectiveness hinges on the authenticity of the bond, efforts to build a community, and the willingness of viewers to expand their engagement beyond the online platform.

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