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IT Leaders Express Anxiety Over Risks of Generative AI, Reveals New Survey



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Mastering Security: IT Chiefs Stand Tall Against Generative AI's Shadows

Amidst unwavering confidence in their organization's software-as-a-service (SaaS) security measures, IT leaders find themselves grappling with mounting concerns regarding the potential hazards linked to Generative AI. A recent survey by Snow Software, which engaged 1,000 IT leaders, has shed light on the complex landscape of IT security perceptions.

According to the survey, a staggering 96 percent of the respondents still maintain a level of 'confidence or very confidence' in the efficacy of their organization's SaaS security protocols. Nevertheless, the leading challenge faced by IT leaders emerges as the task of "managing the security of SaaS applications." Despite their confidence, IT professionals are grappling with concerns surrounding various application types.

Of the IT leaders polled, 23 percent pointed to generative AI applications as a significant security concern, with open-source applications (19 percent) and file-sharing applications (17 percent) following suit. The fear of the unknown becomes evident as more than half (57 percent) of the respondents expressed alarm at the idea of a SaaS vendor utilizing generative AI without their prior knowledge, prompting them to seek further clarification from the vendor.

Steve Tait, who is the Chief Technology Officer at Snow, pointed out that IT leaders are in a tricky position. They need to be careful in managing risks and making things work smoothly, all while helping their companies grow, especially when the economy is uncertain. Tait mentioned that because using software from the internet (SaaS) is becoming more complex, and people are worried about the safety of generative AI, IT teams need to pay even more attention to what's going on and make sure things are well controlled.

Interestingly, the data also reveals that IT teams harbor reservations regarding potential risks linked to their array of applications. Notably, 40 percent of respondents expressed apprehension over data protection and privacy matters, despite 61 percent indicating their possession of robust data governance and security tools designed to manage data shared through SaaS applications.

Following security concerns, the survey underscored the significance of controlling the overall cost of SaaS application investments, with 39 percent of respondents indicating this as their second most pressing consideration. Intriguingly, despite this concern, a resounding 90 percent of participants expressed overwhelming confidence in their ability to swiftly and efficiently identify avenues for savings and optimization.

The survey's findings offer a snapshot of the evolving landscape of IT security consciousness, where the interplay between SaaS applications and emerging technologies like generative AI poses both challenges and opportunities. As IT leaders navigate the delicate balance between risk and efficiency, the call for increased visibility and effective governance becomes paramount in safeguarding organizations against the unknown complexities of the digital realm.

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