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Google Photos Enhances Privacy: Locked Folder Now Supports Cloud Backup Across Devices



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Users Can Securely Store and Access Personal Photos on Multiple Devices, While Maintaining Control Over Cloud Backup Settings

In a recent announcement, Google has unveiled an expansion of its Locked Folder feature in Google Photos, allowing users to store and sync private photos securely across their devices via cloud backup. Initially introduced in May 2021, the Locked Folder feature permitted Android users to safeguard their sensitive images within a passcode-protected enclave. This ensured that the images remained hidden from others, be it within the Photos app or while displaying them on connected TVs.

However, the limitation of this feature was that the locked photos were confined to the device on which they were stored, usually an Android smartphone. The latest development addresses this constraint by enabling these private photos to be part of a cloud backup, thereby granting users access to their personal images from any of their registered devices. This update applies not only to Android but also marks the debut of Locked Folder functionality on iOS devices and the web.

A significant aspect of this enhancement is the flexibility it offers. Users have the autonomy to decide whether to enable cloud backup for their Locked Folder contents. This means that those who prefer not to synchronize their private images across devices can opt to keep the backup feature turned off.

The fundamental aspects of the Locked Folder remain unaltered. Photos and videos within this secure folder will remain discreet, staying concealed from grid views, memories, albums, and search results in Google Photos.

This latest upgrade follows closely after the introduction of a novel Memories feature earlier this month, utilizing AI to create scrapbook-like compilations within the Google Photos app. However, users are still anticipating the release of the AI-powered Magic Editor, which was promised earlier in the year during Google's developer conference.

In conjunction with the Locked Folder expansion, Google is also revamping the Settings page within the app. The fresh layout is designed to enhance user experience by simplifying navigation across privacy settings, backup preferences, sharing options, and notifications.

The new settings interface is currently accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Meanwhile, the phased rollout of the Locked Folder cloud backup functionality is set to commence today, affording users an improved level of privacy and control over their cherished memories.

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