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Google Introduces Duet AI to Enhance Gmail Experience for Workspace Users



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New AI Companion Enhances Email Drafting, Customization, and More Across Workspace Apps

In a recent announcement at the Google Cloud Next '23 event, Google has unveiled its latest AI companion, Duet AI, designed to transform the Gmail experience for Workspace users. Duet AI is set to become generally available, promising to assist users across various aspects of Workspace, including meetings, documents, Google Chat, and more.

One of the standout features of Duet AI is its ability to assist users in drafting and customizing emails within Gmail. Google aims to take its existing smart reply feature to new heights by allowing users to effortlessly compose longer and more personalized emails with a simple tap.

So, how does it work? Gmail users who are testing Duet AI will find a "Help me write" button available on both web and mobile platforms. This button will provide users with a range of options to enhance their email writing experience.

Duet AI ingeniously utilizes your past email interactions to craft responses that are contextually relevant to the ongoing conversation. This capability ensures that your email responses are not only personalized but also pertinent to the discussion.

Furthermore, Duet AI empowers users to adjust the tone of their email drafts. Whether you need a more formal touch or wish to add more depth to your message, the AI can adapt accordingly. Conversely, if brevity is your goal, you can easily truncate your drafted email.

In a nod to Google's playful side, the AI offers an "I'm feeling Lucky" feature, reminiscent of the famous Google search button. With this option, users can select from various entertaining variations in tone and style for their email content.

Google is not limiting Duet AI's capabilities to Gmail alone. A similar "Help me write" functionality will soon be introduced in Google Docs. This means you can modify the tone of your content, summarize sections, incorporate bullet points, elaborate, shorten text, request a different draft if the initial one does not meet your expectations ("retry"), and more.

Google also emphasizes user customization, allowing you to provide specific instructions on how you want your content refined through a custom option.

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