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BoAt and Noise Set to Disrupt Indian Wearable Market with Innovative Smart Rings



Mett.Ai Tech Desk

As the smart ring category gains traction, consumers can anticipate a wider variety of choices in the wearable market

Indian manufacturers BoAt and Noise are set to revolutionize the wearable market with their entry into the smart ring segment. BoAt and Noise, renowned for their affordable wearables, have consistently ranked among the top global manufacturers of wearable devices. With this strategic move, they are targeting health and sleep-tracking enthusiasts who seek an innovative and compact form factor.

India, already renowned as the world's largest smartwatch market, has seen a remarkable surge in the popularity of wearables. The country experienced a staggering 167% year-on-year growth rate in the third quarter of 2022, surpassing both the United States and China in this sector. The latest reports reveal an impressive 37.2% year-on-year growth in the overall wearable market, with the second quarter of 2023 witnessing nearly doubled smartwatch shipments, reaching a remarkable 12.8 million units.

While established players like Apple and Samsung have enjoyed heightened wearables shipments, the true driving force behind India's wearable market remains local manufacturers such as BoAt and Noise. These companies have captured consumer interest by offering ultra-affordable smartwatches and wireless earbuds that emulate the premium look and feel of high-end devices. This approach has significantly lowered the average selling price of smartwatches in India.

With a current market dominance, BoAt and Noise collectively command a substantial share of the Indian wearable market at 26.6% and 13.5%, respectively. Notably, Chinese smartphone giant Oppo is closely following suit with a respectable market share of 10.7%. While the influx of budget-friendly devices has unquestionably bolstered sales figures, the smart ring sector has yet to witness substantial uptake within this market. However, the potential transformation of this landscape looms as BoAt and Noise enter the fray, potentially triggering curiosity, igniting interest, and spurring extensive adoption of their smart ring offerings.

Smart rings offer several advantages over traditional smartwatches, primarily due to the precise data that can be collected from arteries accessible through the finger. BoAt and Noise, having recognized the potential of this unique form factor, aim to provide customers with precise health and sleep tracking capabilities through their innovative smart rings. However, developing high-quality sensors that fit within the compact dimensions of a ring presents a considerable challenge for manufacturers. Ensuring a perfect fit is equally challenging but essential for accurate data collection.

To address fitting concerns, smart ring makers have introduced sizing kits that offer various average finger sizes, ensuring customers receive a ring that fits perfectly. BoAt and Noise have opted for third-party manufacturers to produce their smart rings, thereby leveraging expertise in production processes.

As the smart ring category gains traction, consumers can anticipate a wider variety of choices in the wearable market. The rise of smart rings in India's wearable sector reflects the growing demand for devices that cater to diverse preferences and needs. With BoAt and Noise leading the way, other wearable brands may follow suit, ultimately leading to an increased selection of wearable options for consumers.

In a field where the finger becomes the new nucleus for data collection, these pioneering efforts from BoAt and Noise signal a new era in the wearable market. As India's wearable market continues to flourish, the introduction of smart rings adds a layer of versatility and choice that could redefine how users interact with health and sleep-tracking technologies.

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